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Alexia At Home

The deeper you heal, the higher you fly.


Let’s fly soulfully, together

For the deep thinkers, feelers, empaths - those who are craving deeper connection to themselves and other like minded souls. Flying Soulfully offers a place to gather in community, to heal, to express - to share our hearts.


To offer a safe space of healing, community, and rediscovering inner power and light through connection, energy healing & soul therapy.

Tarot Card Spread

Women’s Circles

Circles will be held twice a month. We will meditate, set intentions, journal and be together in community

Alexia Posed With Pampas Grass

Reiki Sessions

Offering private 1:1 reiki sessions and group workshops. Restore, rejuvenate, and connect deeply to your mind, body + soul.

Alexia Holding Crystals

Women’s Coaching

1:1 private coaching & group coaching. Let’s help you rediscover the beautiful  light + power that is already inside of you.

Alexia Sitting With Deck Spread

Meet Alexia

As an empath, deep feeler, and sensitive soul - I’ve spent much of my young adulthood feeling lost and craving more. The 9-5 desk job that I got sold just wasn’t cutting it. I felt empty, lost, anxious and depressed for a long time. I’ve struggled on and off with mental health for as long as I can remember. It was when I stopped running and decided to consciously dive deeper into my healing that things started to shift and align. 


I want to help those who are feeling burnt out, depressed, anxious, and far from their inner light reconnect back with their hearts and the wisdom they hold inside. I know that part of my purpose in this life is to hold space to guide others out of the dark and into the light, back to the light of their hearts. Having been encompassed by darkness many times, it is my greatest wish to hold and create a space for others to feel fully in their power. Let’s lead you back to your light. It’s always been there, you just forgot how to see it.


Blog Posts Are Coming Soon!

Stay tuned!


Alex Lovsin

"Alexia is a truly gifted healer! I met with Alexia for my first reiki session, and it definitely won’t be my last. I left much lighter, calmer and more relaxed. I highly recommend if you are looking for a skilled healer. She has a way of making you feel at ease right away, and offers great insight to what the session will look and feel like"

Alexia Sitting With Long Crystal

Mikayla Zvoner

“Alexia provided a calming reiki / meditation experience. She had a very soothing voice and although virtual, provided an atmosphere to allow my mind and body to connect and destress”

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